MissionShoe Tracting Deluxe Shoe Leather Review

MissionShoe Tracting Deluxe Shoe Leather

  • Leather
  • Form-injected Polyurethane Comfort Sole
  • Rugged Tread with Roll Step Walking Technology
  • Reinforced Thermoplastic Toe
  • Non-Slip / Oil Resistant Sole
  • EVA Anti-Bacterial Insole

The MissionShoe by Vertico has been tried and proven across the world. Built specifically to fit the needs of worldwide religious missionaries, the Tracting Deluxe has seen thousands of miles across dozens of countries, and has stepped foot in every continent, save Antartica. The MissionShoe provides the perfect balance between business, comfort and durability. Looks great with a suit, but is strong enough to hike a 13,700 mountain peak. Perfect Missionary Shoe.

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